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Embodied Authenticity Explained

Embodied Authenticity - what does that mean?

Embodied Authenticity means feeling what I deeply want within myself and what I don't want; finding clarity, feeling what my truth is in each moment and learning to act according to it. The result is a fulfilled, happy and balanced life.

You say truth - what does that mean?

Every human being has impulses ever day to do or say something or not to do or not to say something. By exploring these impulses more deeply, one comes to an inner clarity of what this deeper truth of one’s self is in each moment. The truth is what remains when I let go of all my fears, worries and traumas and recognise what my deepest wish is in every moment.

OK - and what do you mean by impulses?

Here are a few examples. In a conversation with friends, the impulse to give my opinion on a subject. The impulse not to want to meet a person who wants to meet up or go on a date with me. The impulse to make it clear to a person that I want or don’t want something. The impulse to change my job, or even change my profession. The impulse to move to another place, or to travel. It can also be smaller impulses like: I want to eat a salad or pasta; eat or not eat a snack bar; take the walking path, or walk along the road.



  • You learn how to achieve inner clarity and how to find out what you really want and what you don't want.

  • You learn about the inner processes that have previously prevented you from acting according to your deepest truth (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) and the tools to transform these processes.

  • You realise and experience how fulfilment and happiness in life arise as well as decay and how you can apply this knowledge to live a more fulfilled life.

  • You learn to communicate authentically what you want, think and feel without hurting or manipulating the other person or being untrue to yourself

  • You learn to fundamentally transform your life so that you can live deeply fulfilled and authentically and realise yourself according to your inner truth.


Who is the Embodied Authenticity Coaching for?

  • For people who feel an urge to live authentically and in integrity with their deepest core of being.

  • For people who strive for happiness, fulfilment and freedom and are willing to let go of beliefs, stories and stored emotions picked up from society or things that happened to you in the past in order to strive for the highest

  • For people who are tired of living mainly in their head instead of living their life embodied and alive in their body and soul.

  • For people who are ready to feel and experience deep inside of themselves what their inner world really looks like and how it can be transformed to authentically realize their deepest desires

  • People who long for their life to be an adventure - intense, enriching and fulfilling


The following (a.o.) are questions that people are concerned with who take coaching with me

  • Do you feel that you never follow certain impulses in your life, although you would like to?

  • Are certain areas in your life stagnating, even though you know that deep down you want to evolve in those areas?

  • Are you unable to express yourself to other people in the way you want to?

  • Are you "hustling" all the time and think you have to perform, struggle and work hard to achieve your goals?

  • Are you trying to make things happen in your life but not really getting anywhere?

  • Do you find yourself helping other people but never receive back equally? And perhaps you don't help without intention, but expect something in return, which is then not fulfilled?

  • Do you find it difficult to connect with other people, to open up and allow for a deep emotional connection to build up?

  • Are you surrounded by people who celebrate you, support you in all your endeavours and with whom you feel deeply emotionally connected and loved?

  • Can you stand by what you really want, even if other people do not approve of you?

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Jonas Erb
Embodied Authenticity Coach

I am Jonas Erb, live in Zurich and have a deep fascination for consciousness processes. The central question I have been asking myself for a long time is: "How do I live a fulfilled, authentic and happy life and what is holding me back? For over 10 years I have been exploring consciousness, how it affects my actions, feelings and experiences and how I can use these experiences and insights to live a fulfilled, abundant and balanced life. As a result, I have been meditating daily since 2013 and discovered the fascination of exploring how my consciousness and experience changes in different situations. I have exposed myself to many extreme situations in order to experience how my experience and actions behave in all kinds of life situations. I did this out of curiosity and to gain inner freedom and to learn to be able to choose in every moment how I want to act. I have done comfort zones challenges, played improvisational theatre, performed live, gave talks and seminars (including on the topic of living authentically) and participated, received and gave coaching. I travelled extensively, lived in different countries, learned languages, worked in different jobs, and completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree in electrical engineering at the ETH Zürich. Gradually I became aware of my deep vision in life - to support people to live embodied authentically. Through my life journey I developed a high level of empathy and an ability to connect with people. I gained precision in language and expression, as well as the ability to recognise and dissolve the root cause of behaviours and (emotional and mental) blockages. I discovered in myself the ability to connect deeply with people at the level of their true being and to live deeply connected moments. I also experienced many moments when I was able to put into words something that my counterpart felt and wanted to express but could not express accurately. From these experiences and skills, my unique Embodied Authenticity Coaching has evolved, which is my contribution to a peaceful, connected and happy world.

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Live according to your inner truth

I offer transformative one-to-one coaching that helps my clients connect with their deepest self and gain clarity about what they really want. Living authentically embodied means living out one's deepest, truest impulses and embodying what we say, feel and experience. I help my clients experience what it means to live in full integrity and clarity with themselves and their true desires, both in the everyday as well as in the important moments of our lives, and show them how to transform the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes and blocks that hinder their fullest self-expression to achieve their authentic goals within 6 months.

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Overcome your emotional and mental blocks to achieve your authentic goals in 6 months.